Data Mining

GXStat sifts through the massive amounts of data so you don't have to.  Our superior methods have found unforeseen patterns and valuable gems buried in data that can lead to economic gain.

Oftentimes, a huge data set can contain redundant information or information that is not relative to the ultimate outcome.  In terms of oil and gas prospecting, the key variables that are related to economic deposits must be determined and noise must be reduced or entirely eliminated. Questions arise such as, "What is the best way to process seismic and what seismic variables, if any, contribute to the reduction of risk for an economic deposit?"

There seems to be an infinite number of questions that can arise in any project.  Our approach is to use data mining techniques that are geared to answering the customer's questions. From start (looking at the data, data quality and sampling) to finish (the best answer we can derive), the customer's question guides the approach that we use.

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