Prospect Development

Oil exploration is an expensive, high-risk operation, but with the right knowledge, this risk can be vastly mitigated.  GXStat uses geological science and statistical/multivariate analysis, coupled with our own proprietary methods, to provide the best possible prospects available.  This means less time and effort spent trying to find the right spot to drill your next well.  Oil operations can be a hectic and daunting task. GXStat endeavors to simplify this.

In addition to a defined GXStat prospect, using the experience and techniques here at GXStat, risk evaluations can be determined on any prospect using the customer's data.  As an investor, before the purchase of any prospect, it makes economic sense to get an independent evaluation of a prospect before large sums of cash are transferred.  An informed investor can make informed decisions.  

For more detailed information on GXStat's Prospect Development services, contact us.