Short Courses

One of the joys and responsibilities that we have is to transfer our knowledge and experience not only to the next generation, but also to anyone who wants to review and expand their knowledge of statistical and multivariate analysis.  As many can testify, statistics and mathematics are too important to leave to the statisticians and mathematicians.  We feel it is better to learn these techniques from those that have a background in geology.

Our short courses are based in the geology/petroleum field and are designed to give basic to advanced knowledge in statistics, multivariate analysis and sampling without extraneous mathematics (we try to keep the equations to a minimum!).  These short courses are designed to be delivered in 1-2 days, either at a company's location or another suitable location (we do not have in-house classrooms).  Attendance is limited only by the size of the room used and we do offer large class discounts.

One popular short course topic is 'Statistics and Multivariate Analysis for Geologist/Petroleum Engineers' and is designed for a 2-day presentation. Workbooks and problems sets have been designed for this topic as well, enabling a more hands-on experience.

Custom short courses can be developed with enough notice to fit the schedule and topics of the customer.

For more detailed information on GXStat's Statistical & Multivariate Short Courses, contact us.